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IB Program Application 2017-18 - New.pdf

The IB Application

Welcome to our family!

Feel free to email us with any questions at rutlacf@bay.k12.fl.us or


Please Note:

If you received a letter from the superintendent and a letter from the RHS IB Diploma Program, you have met the academic requirements for admission.  You may notify us of your intent to attend either in person when you come to visit and shadow, or through email on our website.  We do ask that you complete the application documents as well, at your convenience, once you have notified us of your acceptance of this opportunity.  The letter of recommendation and essay are optional, but they do help us get to know each of you as an individual.  If you did not receive an advance letter, either from the district or from RHS, you are still welcome to submit an application to the IB Diploma Program, and we will be glad to consider your credentials.